It’s Monday and there are so many ways to start the week. The mini’s usually grumble, “How many days to Friday?” before they pull the covers over their head. My mom always loved Monday’s; it was her day to garden and cook. My brothers would take on the mini’s sentiment. But for me… I guess it depended on the weather. … Read More

Thursday Throwback that Rolled into Friday.

Alright, they the second time is always better so I will try …again… to post Thursday’s Throwback song on Friday. C’mon Blogger, NO WHAMMIES!!!! RECAP:On Wednesday: I, along with the rest of my besties, had a CRAP day. Heads down we weathered the storm. I wrote a poor me blog post, crawled into bed and threw the covers over my … Read More

Gone Fishing!

Have you ever noticed that if you tell someone you’re “on a roll” or “the words are flowing like a river” fate steps in and kicks ya square in the teeth?    How ‘bout this one: “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.” I’ve been working on super cool project codename: EC and uttered the words, “Holy … Read More

Tweet. Tweet. Tuesday!

 Twitter!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! There are some priceless gems on Twitter. Gems of advice, Industry tips, Web tips and over all Roll On The Floor Laugh Out Loud moments.  I’m a re-tweet queen and love when the people that follow me, re-tweet my re-tweets! All of that got me thinking. How cool would it be if you could take a weeks worth … Read More

Sex & The City … Twitter style

I’ve never hidden the fact that I LOVE TWITTER.  I love it.  In 140 characters, usually less, I have made some of the most amazing friends.  I have found a community of writers that love to share their thoughts & their opinions.  They have the same snarky wit as I do and these people genuinely care about each other’s lives … Read More

A Tale of the Tell

Poker players say that everyone has a tell; something or some movement that they instinctively do when confronted with a good a hand, a bad hand, or a bluff. Poker players don sunglasses, hats, tape their hands to their sides, I even saw an ad for a poker helmet.  It looked like a biker’s crash helmet that guaranteed to hide all … Read More

The Cream Always Rises!

What the heck does that mean? If milk is left by itself, it homogenizes. While getting its homogenization on, the lighter fatty portions rise to the top. Need a visual? Oil and water. The fatty oil sits on top of the heavier water. Once the homog party is done the fatty portions are skimmed off the top and made into … Read More

WHO’S That?

Here’s the deal. I have an overactive imagination. I know. You’re all looking at me with mouths hung wide open. I. Have. An Overactive. Imagination. I feel better now. Let me tell you how I came to this conclusion. This past week my darling husband and the rest of my family were in Las Vegas for the International Century 21 … Read More

Everybody Has a Random!

Did ya notice there was no Thursday Throwback? Probably not, but that’s okay! The reason why there wasn’t a TT was because this post needed to be a FF!  Yep, a FREAKY FRIDAY, cuz we ’bout to get some freak on. Two days ago on twitter, the girls and I were giving another YA writer friend a hard time about … Read More