It’s Monday and there are so many ways to start the week.
The mini’s usually grumble, “How many days to Friday?” before they pull the covers over their head.
My mom always loved Monday’s; it was her day to garden and cook.
My brothers would take on the mini’s sentiment.
But for me…
I guess it depended on the weather. If it was sunny outside, Monday was going to be great. If it was cloudy, well, I’d do the pull the covers maneuver.
For those of you who don’t know my Italian-spark plug-always-happy mother, It should come as no surprised that a ton of my optimism and push-on-through mentality comes from her.
It should also not surprise you that she tends to give “motivational” speeches.

Not the “Down by the river” Saturday Night Live motivational speeches, but ones that make you sit back and say, Hmmm … and then Oh *insert sigh*.
She owns a real estate company with a 150 agents, who–right about now given the past 5 years of Real Estate drought–tend to look at her as the silver lining around the dark recession clouds.  I can’t tell you how many times I heard growing up, “You’re so lucky to be Carol’s daughter.” or “Everything must be OK with a mom like that.”
They’re right.
I am lucky to be Carol’s daughter.
If my momma’s smiling… everything must be OK.
It’s a lot of blind faith and I never really knew what made my mom tick until she shared this video in one of her office meetings.
Then it it all made sense…
Hope you enjoy:

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