Critique Partners, Fairy Godmothers & Glass Slippers

It’s true. I have critique partners that are Fairy Godmothers. They whip out their magic wands masquerading around as Word Comments and take my manuscript from “pretty good” to “HOLY FREAKING COW!” This transformation is usually with a tweak here or what if there. No mice, well, none that I know of. No pumpkins. Just amazing pixie dust thoughts sprinkled in … Read More

It’s Official…I’m a Writer.

It took a day to sink in…I’m a writer. I started the current WIP last year, but I wasn’t a writer.I study and cried and revised and cried and revised with my teacher, CJ Redwine, but I wasn’t a writer. I lined up the beta’s for the first half of critiques for WIP, but I wasn’t a writer. I built the … Read More

Take 2 Mistakes + a Resolution and I’ll call you in the morning.

It didn’t take very long.  Ten days into the New Year and there it is! *sniff, sniff* Yep, that’s the stench of doubt emanating from my computer. I know! I thought it was the rotting Christmas tree I had the husband haul out last week, but the smell just lingered and then grew! It wasn’t until the 7 year old mini-me asked to … Read More

I’m Baaaaaack!!!

I know!  You all are sitting there with your jaws on the floor asking, “What the heck is Mindy Ruiz doing here?”  It’s a real simple answer…..I miiiiised you!!!!So here’s yet another New Year’s resolution to add to the mounting stack of sticky note declarations…I decided that I would do double duty! is still up and active, but I thought that I would … Read More

I have a new website!!!!

I’d love for you all to come and visit me at It’s a brand new site that we just launched so it still has a few diapers on some pages. Hope to see you there!!!

When I Grow Up…

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?   I think if you ask that question of any writer, they would say, “I’ve always had stories floating around in my head.” The same is true of me. When I was a little girl I was often accused of exaggerating. The first elaborate story I told was to my preschool … Read More