10 Days for 10 Years … Day 6

*just a side note:  I didn’t post yesterday because it was Father’s day.  My gift to Mark: no living in the past; we just enjoyed the day.  Hope you all don’t mind.* Day 6 Dictionary.com defines the following word: Naïve: 1. having or showing unaffected simplicity of nature or absence of artificiality; unsophisticated; ingenuous. 2. having or showing a lack … Read More

10 Days for 10 Years … Day 5

Chemo day…I know you probably think that I’d be dreading this day, but really, when you’re told you have cancer all you want is for it to be out. “Get it out!” “Get it out!”“Get it out!”It’s a never ending chant, running loops, over and over again in your head.  It’s like a bee has landed on you.  You can … Read More

10 Days for 10 Years … Day 4

Day 4 So a quick re-cap: Contemplated divorce, found a bump. Had a have-it-removed-or-I-won’t-be-home phone call from my husband Had the bump removed, told it was cancer and met with Dr. Ego. Had my surgery to install my port-a-catheter, by the way it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. Who knew something so tiny could put so … Read More

10 Days for 10 Years … Day 3

Day 3 It’s funny, you’d think that once you’ve heard the word cancer the impact of the word would lessen each time you had to say … it.  After a marathon of tests, where I had to give my diagnosis of cancer over and over and over again –something I’d YET to do that day without welling up with tears— … Read More

10 Days for 10 years … Day 2

Day 2 A day before I was supposed to have my stitches removed I received a phone call from a random doctor’s office wanting to schedule a surgery.  I didn’t think anything of it, but Mark insisted I call my primary care physician.  My primary physician’s receptionist asked if I could come in that afternoon and was my husband with me.  … Read More

10 Days for 10 years … Day 1

June is kind of a special month for me. I wasn’t born in June.I didn’t get married in June.None of my babies were born in June. But… It’s still a special month for me.Over the next 10 days I’m going to take a little departure from my usual quirky, sarcastic, often cringe worthy posts and invite you all on a … Read More

The Year’s Half Over! Where Are YOU!?!

The year’s half over! I can’t believe it myself.We’re already in June. In California that means June gloom. For four weeks we re-visit winter with all its nasty gray skies, drizzle and long for the sun.  Then, in July, the sun and summer sucker punch us with all that pent up heat we should have been enjoying in June.  June in … Read More

My Favorite Things + Thursday Throwback!!

MY 10 FAVORITE THINGS: 1.  Spell check2.  Customer Service reps who actually service customers.3.  My ubber-twitter that was on my old BlackBerry4.  Jason Witten & The Dallas Cowboys5.  Old movies that still make me cry! 6.  Mighty Putty … okay anything that has the logo “AS SEEN ON TV’ I’m a sucker7.  Drive thru Dairies. 8.  My little boys when … Read More

Furlough Day for Moms … yeah,RIGHT!

The oldest mini-me is on a furlough day from school. It got me thinking… are there mom furlough days? Nope… This one is for all my furlough hatin’ moms and dads in the world! I’m certain you’ll fully appreciate the lyrics!

Tweet. Tweet. Tuesday! Top Tweets of the week!

*Don’t forget to scroll down for the TOP TWEET OF THE WEEK!* @Leadershipfreak : Before offering solutions be sure you’re solving the right problem. #leadership@elizabethscraig :The Right Tools for Planning a Writing Group: http://bit.ly/jFzAkS #amwriting@Freedom4unow: Remember “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Carl W. Buechner@Elizabethscraig: POV confusion? Helpful links: http://bit.ly/hJZD8n … Read More