Gone Fishing!

Have you ever noticed that if you tell someone you’re “on a roll” or “the words are flowing like a river” fate steps in and kicks ya square in the teeth?    How ‘bout this one: “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.”

I’ve been working on super cool project codename: EC and uttered the words, “Holy cow, I think this’ll be done in a couple of weeks.” So … yep, God, fate and the mini-mes got together and whammied me! 
The past couple of weeks have been, well, hell would be a nice place.
That’s where Zeus and the mega brother’s sent their daddy’s chopped up little pieces. Think my kids may have paid a little bit too much attention to Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. 
All three of the Ruiz mini-me’s have played a roll in the double whammy, send mommy batty, kick her in the teeth before we send her to a very hot place plan. 
So what’s the point of this mindless, sleep deprived post you ask?
Next time I feel the urge to say, “Holy Cow! *insert whatever great news I’m holy cowing*, I’ll just hang a sign that says… 
Gone Fishing.
Not even the fish pay attention when ya say that!

3 Comments on “Gone Fishing!”

  1. Hey, you'll get it! And my not-so-mini-me's still enjoying kicking me in the teeth every now and then. I wish you lived close. We'd pick up Izzie and head to bar Louie! Hugs all around (except for the teeth kickers!)
    Love, Chi

  2. Funny. And true. There's only one way things are going to go and that's Gods way. You can try and fight it, but it does not usually go well LOL.

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