Sex & The City … Twitter style

I’ve never hidden the fact that I LOVE TWITTER.  I love it.  In 140 characters, usually less, I have made some of the most amazing friends.  I have found a community of writers that love to share their thoughts & their opinions.  They have the same snarky wit as I do and these people genuinely care about each other’s lives outside of the writing realm.
A couple of days ago my friend Hope needed a blog post to make her laugh. 
NO pressure, right?
I tried writing about my adventures in the Royal Wedding.
Talked about wearing my barrette Tiara to a political dinner for my husband’s city commission.
The minis ALWAYS provide enough antics for a funny blog post …
None it felt right.
Last night, as I was going through Wills n Kate Royal wedding withdrawal, I flipped across Sex and the City, the first movie.  Of course, every writer sees themselves in the Carrie roll; published books stacking up on a bookshelf, Big making an ass of himself, and then there was the part where Carrie was stood up at the altar. It made me sit up and, yes, I cried.   Not because she was left at the altar, but because she had three friends that rallied around her. They got rid of the guests, went on the honeymoon, and moved Carrie back into her old, sold apartment while Carrie was catatonic. 
I have friends like these.
I have friends in the real world like those women and I have friends in the Twitter world like these women.
*cue the funny girls*
Run-down of my Sex and the City Twitter cast.

Samantha  = Beth.  Good lord this woman can turn your cheeks to a blush in no time.  She’ll talk hand jobs right next to blowing bubbles with the kiddies.  Beth is a bulldozer marketer that is constantly working to better the people around her, encourage them to push through the hard times (no pun there) and genuinely sees that her success is not only in the publishing of her books, but in the publishing and nurturing of others.  She’s no nonsense and, yes, she’s working her way on to the naughty list one lump of coal at a time.

Charlotte Hope. Two words, hooohaaa and hand-mirror.  Don’t know what I’m talking about??? It’s a Sex and the City episode you must Netflix, Hulu or you tube because that episode IS my darling friend, Hope.  I say erotica: she blushes. I say stiff upper lip: she blushes. I say bow-chica-wow-wow … yep, she blushes.  I would have it no other way!  This woman loves her family. She loves her children and she loves her friends.  If there were a Big in our world she would stomp a foot and say, “I rue the day you were born.”  Of course, she’d probably pee her pants instead of going into labor.  She’s a self-proclaimed socially awkward person—which, on a side note, is a load of horse doodie— carving out pieces of time to write a novel that I KNOW will make you gasp & possibly blush.  You’re perfect Hope. Embrace the awkward and own it.

Miranda Trisha. Work , work, work, work, work.  I promise you this woman has the Seven Dwarfs theme song running loops in her head. Positive and perky she’s always figuring out ways to write and promote her book and the works of others. She runs a book blog and she’s always there to run a fresh set of eyes over your WIP.  All of this and she’s an amazing mother to a teen age boy. *gasp* yes, a teenager and a boy with no nanny!?!

My twitter world is growing and growing. I’ve met amazing book bloggers like Brandi Kosiner,  Julie B. (she’s like Cher & Madonna, first name only.) , Andye & Amy and Jenn, just to name a few! So many wonderful people that I’ve had the privilege of meeting all in 140 characters or less.

MWAH, Tweeple.  And a special MWAH, Hope.

5 Comments on “Sex & The City … Twitter style”

  1. Ahhhh, I LOVE it!!!! ::blush:: You handled the pressure beautifully, Cali! I LOL'd enough to make the wait worth it. Thanks for being so awesome 😀 Your support, encouragement, and the ability to make me smile (and blush) are more appreciated than I can tell you! I'm more than happy to wear my awkward shirt proudly.

  2. HAHAHAHA! I agree with that lineup =D Beth seems like she's all proper, then she whips out some crazy and I'm like, WHOA! LOL And love Hope! Girl is an amazing writer and yes, she can write the steamy 😉 Thanks Cali! This is such a fun post! Now, get to work on that MS !!! LOL

  3. Hope the preacher doesn't read this one, and when have we ever talked about hand jobs? Maybe sticking to chairs, but never that! 😀

    I love this post! Thanks for the kind words, and I love that you made Hope blush!

    Seriously, I feel so blessed to have you as my friend, and hopefully we';ll make it to that end of the country one day. Preferably for a red carpet event! 😀

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