Two Reasons…

I was putting my youngest mini-me down to bed for the one millionth time and for the one millionth time my 2 year old mini-me got back up, opened the door and asked, “Watta’ mommy.” I took a deep breath, remembered that he was my miracle and walked him, calmly, back to bed. Kisses good night.A tuck of the cover. … Read More

What Are Words?

It’s Thursday and I usually flash back to some song that’s playing or played a role in my life.  This Thursday, I thought I’d flash forward.  I’m not much of an AMERICAN IDOL watcher. I didn’t even know about Chris Medina or his story until this morning when a local radio station had him debut his new single, WHAT ARE WORDS, with Ryan … Read More

Sometimes You Need a Mommy-n-Me Day!

Monday’s are usually my go-to-get-it-all-done-run-like-crazy days. After I drop the mini-mes off at school, I swing by Walmart to re-stock the bare cupboards and naked refrigerator— the mini-mes consist of three, hollow-legged, boys who have yet to enter the double digit years!  God, help me. After Walmart, I fly home, and with the help of a magic wand … aka … Read More

Dancing with my WIP! WARNING: prepare to tap a toe!

I’m having a bit of a moment with my WIP … I’m dancing one way and WIP is hip-hopping another.  Howeva’ … for one brief shinning little scene we danced together and this is what it looked like. READY???Oh, and that ninja-kick-boxing-triple-flip thingy … I so can do that! LOL

Inspiration in my iPod

I live and will probably die with my iPod ear buds plugged into my head. It’s true.I could be the poster child for iPod addiction. It’s a good thing I have shoulder length hair and partial hearing loss in one ear, otherwise my children would think I wasn’t paying attention to them. *blushes and turns down iPod music* What the … Read More

Christopher Walken explains my writing process!

In this week’s Throwback Thursday I’m whacking two birds with two tap shoes and some swagger! I was watching THE DEER HUNTER with my husband and I remembered a video of Christopher Walken sitting in a New York Hotel waiting for his room to be cleaned. I, of course, youtubed the thing and as I relived the Fatboy Slim’s WEAPON … Read More

Throwback Thursday … and I’m going way, way, way back!!!

THROWBACK THURSDAY Who doesn’t still love Rick Springfield? Don’t roll your eyes! Trust me! General Hospital, lovers… you know you wish they would reprise his role as Dr. Noah Drake! *que squealing girls* If you don’t know Dr. Noah Drake, Google it, YouTube it, but good lord … find it so you can join the rest of us Springfield fans. … Read More

Book LaMaze…

I have a couple of friends that are pregnant with their first child. When the stick turned pink they didn’t believe it, so they tinkled again … and pink! Now they’re getting ready to enter their second trimester and all of these “what” questions are starting to surface: What will the first kick feel like? What will the baby be, … Read More

What do you do in the dark?

Dirty! You all have dirty minds! It’s okay … so do I! Besides sleeping and … well, ugh … So, I’m a Young Adult writer, let me keep this at least PG-13 with hints of R. What do you do in the dark? If it’s 8:00 P.M. I’m tucking in my three mini-me’s. The “tucking in” consists of me on … Read More

Happy Birthday!

I have to take a moment to scream, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!” to one of my dearest girl friends in the world, Rochelle Spears. *Confessions* 1. I don’t have a bunch of friends. Let me explain. There are people who come into your life, stick around for a while, make an impression and leave. These people are amazing and I don’t discount … Read More