The Year’s Half Over! Where Are YOU!?!

The year’s half over!
I can’t believe it myself.
We’re already in June.

In California that means June gloom.
 For four weeks we re-visit winter with all its nasty gray skies, drizzle and long for the sun.  Then, in July, the sun and summer sucker punch us with all that pent up heat we should have been enjoying in June. 
June in the Ruiz house means planning the next school year, figuring out summer activities, finding someway to keep the kids from uttering those famous summer words, “I’m boooooooooored!” Vacation countdowns begin as well as the back to school mom countdown. 
June for the writer in  me, I’ll be honest, this is my first summer as a full time writer.  When I was a Realtor we would look at June and make sure we were half way to our yearly commission goals. If we weren’t then my momma would turn on the glare factor and we would kick it up a notch.  You see,  most people move during the summer. They find a house in June, they close escrow by mid to late July and that leaves all of August to find new school friends. 
I’m not sure what the calendar for publishing is, but I did find last year a number of the agents I follow took off mid August and came back after Labor Day.  After Thanksgiving it was pretty quiet till the New Year.  So, I guess nothing has changed from Real Estate to Writing.  June is still the stop, evaluate, throw it into overdrive month.  Are you half way to your 2011 goals?  I’d love to hear them as well!

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  1. Oh good sweet Lord I've never thought of it that way! June for me is the end of the year … a time to take a breather and gather strength for the next school year. If I looked at it as half way through, I think my head would explode into a million bits of confetti.

    As a writer June is a month of rejuvenation. School's winding down, and even though the church job is gearing up, I don't have to leave the house at 6:30. This gives me a few more hours of writing time before my day begins. Does life ever slow down? šŸ˜€

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