Three Nano’s and Me.

So many way to Nano… Nano #1 Yep, you know I can’t start a Nano post off with out my writer’s block de-blocker. My Nano and I have an amazing relationship. I clean and provide a USB port and the Nano provides a plethora of what-if ideas that usually kick start a stalled imagination. Nano #2. It’s a fact. Being … Read More

My Favorite Things… yes it’s a Monday!

My favorite things! Happy Halloween!!!! – Glitter GraphicsYep, Halloween… one of my favorite things! Why?!?1. Candy!2. Dress up.3. Boys willingly dress up too!!4. Candy!!5. Michael Jacksons THRILLER video!!! 6. Lots of reasons to jump into swoon worthy boys arms! *sigh*7. Candy!!8. Scary spooky glow in the dark teeth with optional flashing effect! But another reason why THIS Halloween is one … Read More

Halloween… *caution it’s not pretty*

It’s been Thir-Teen. YEARS! since the husband and I went out on a Halloween-kid-free-date.  We were gonna put the roar back into the 20’s as a zoot suit gangster and his flapper friend Fee.. (we made up nick names, don’t judge.)So I started the night like this: Fierce, Right! We drank, we danced, we even won the cutest couple costume … Read More

Dreaming ’bout Princes and Agents.

So, whatchya doin’ on a Saturday afternoon you ask? Oh nothing much. Just putting the finishing touches on my WIP. YEP! It’s, like, 98% all done, done, done.  Which means one more done away from querying!If you’ve ever revised a novel, you get the done, done, done part. Done #1 = First draftDone #2 = Critique Partners have seen it … Read More

Shredding Cheese & Writing a Book … Trust me.

I’m in the third round of personal edits (my definition of edits before I send out the query letters) and that means I need lots and Lots and LOTS of cheese! Usually this cheese is melted over chips and makes NACHOS with bean dip and yummy salsa.  Some writers need chocolate, some need cinnamon bears, some need lemon bars … … Read More


It should be a four letter word.It’s that U that makes it so perfect. U. Doubt. I do… Sometimes, I doubt this book will ever be ready. Sometimes, I doubt that when this book is ready… no one will want to read it.Sometimes, I doubt what’s looking back at me in the mirror. I doubt.I doubt. I doubt. It’s amazing … Read More

10 Days for 10 Years … Day 10!

Day 10 Well, my friends, you did it! You made it through 10 days and I can’t thank you enough. There are so many sayings that could apply to my journey: That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  or God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. or Shit happens. or… Because I knew you, I have been changed … Read More

10 Days for 10 Years … Day 9

Day 9 6/27/2001 I spent yesterday cleaning and clearing all aspects of my life. Everything that went to the hospital or chemo room I tossed. Blankets, sweatshirts, pajama bottoms, even the smell of the cucumber and melon lotion … they all make me nauseous. I guess I’m trying to put all of this behind me. I don’t think I ever … Read More

10 Days for 10 Years … Day 8

Day 8 After nine days in the hospital and three days to recoup we started round three.  I was beat down, but I was still humming SURVIVOR in my head even if my chemo buddy wasn’t there.After round three, my counts plummeted like the Time’s Square Ball on New Year’s Eve.  Painful blistering sores started popping up on the corners … Read More

10 Days for 10 Years … Day 7

Day 7 The body is an amazing thing.  It wants to be healthy.  It wants to live and it wants to thrive. October  19th, 2000 My body is doing some really interesting things… my period has stopped and ALL of my hair has fallen out. Not just my head hair, but my nose hairs, my eyebrows and yes, even my … Read More