Three Nano’s and Me.

So many way to Nano…

Nano #1

Yep, you know I can’t start a Nano post off with out my writer’s block de-blocker. My Nano and I have an amazing relationship. I clean and provide a USB port and the Nano provides a plethora of what-if ideas that usually kick start a stalled imagination.

Nano #2.
It’s a fact. Being named Mindy almost ALWAYS gets a response of, “Where’s Mork?”
To which I say, “I married him!” …
okay, I married Mark, but if our minister can get away with that joke during our wedding, then I think that gives me an open-ended pass.


Na-nu Na-nu. I know its pronounced nah-noo nah-noo.

You would be surprised how many people say Na-No Na-No.
They also get the hand gesture wrong.
You don’t want to know… trust me!

Nano #3

If you’re a writer you know November is the start of a mad dash-holy cow- kids fend for yourself- month.

For those of you who aren’t writers.
NaNo is National Novel Writing Month.
For thirty days we write till we look like this:

lolcats funny cat pictures

or ssometimes like THIS: *caution you may want to scroll fast past this one*

lolcats funny cat pictures

At the end of November we have, twenty-five days to Christmas, our pants sporting massive muffin tops and a very, very rough first draft of a novel.

Rookies make the mistake of thinking they’re done and send their NaNo project out on query.


Others sit and let their NaNo project marinate a few months and then decide if it’s worth the edit process.

And finally, there are the NaNo projects that’ll make you go. WOW!!!

My darling friend Trisha Wolfe participated in NaNo last year.



Found an Agent


And SOLD her book!

Moral of this post…
you now have three ways to get your Nano on this November.
Pick one and let me know how you’re getting your NaNo on!

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