A short story on how I, Mindy Ruiz, can screw it all up!

DO NOT!  I repeat: DO NOT! Interrupt me. If you want me to forget the very sentence I’m typing then you should start chatting with me or call me or send a breeze that tickles my neck, because it is a well proven, highly documented fact that when I’m in the middle of something uber important the chemo brain will kick … Read More

My Favorite Things … Yep It’s a Monday!

The turkey is massacred. The stuffing … stuffed and the only thing that remains of the mouth-watering, button-busting, amazeball Pecan Pie is the little tiny flakes of pie crust that even a mouse won’t bother with! Thanksgiving is over and that leads me to the MOST. FAVORITE. Time of the year!!! CHRISTMAS!!!!! I love Christmas and I love the holiday … Read More

And the Winner Is…

The winner of the Kindle Keepers Giveaway is…. Diana at The Lovely Getaways!!! I want to thank everyone who visited my blog and participated in my very first giveaway! Diana, email me with your address (mindy (at) MindyRuiz (dot) com) and I’ll get your fabulous Kindle and it’s Snuggie loving books to you ASAP! Be sure to check back for … Read More

My Favorite Things … yep it’s a Monday & a free Kindle giveaway!

Given today is the last day to enter the Keeper Kindle Giveaway!!!! og-spellcheck-word”>lt</span>;div align=”center” style=”width:140px;border:1px solid #<span style=”background: yellow;” class=”goog-spellcheck-word”>ccc</span>; background: #040244; color: #F9F9FF;font-weight:bold;font-size:12px;”>&<span style=”background: yellow;” class=”goog-spellcheck-word”>lt</span>;a style=”text-decoration: none; color:#F9F9FF;” <span style=”background: yellow;” class=”goog-spellcheck-word”>href</span>=”http://<span style=”background: yellow;” class=”goog-spellcheck-word”>mycountdown</span>.org/My_Countdown/My_Countdown/”>My Countdown &<span style=”background: yellow;” class=”goog-spellcheck-word”>lt</span>;/a>&<span style=”background: yellow;” class=”goog-spellcheck-word”>lt</span>;/div> I’m going to have to say my favorite thing for this week is …. THE KINDLE!!!! … Read More

CRaaaaaaZiNessss and a Kindle Giveaway!

The insanity of the past week has left me looking like this: Mickey Mouse hands, wet-n-wild poncho doing a Kung Fu Panda pose in the middle of a street that’s wet probably because of the fanatical weeping this weeks chaos has brought. Most of my insanity is GREAT! 1. I did my first ever author interview AND I’m giving away … Read More

Happy Book Birthday!!! ~Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Five Reasons to wish Tahereh Mafi a Happy Book Birthday by rushing out and buying   SHATTER ME. 5. The uber awesome book trailer that will leave you itchin’ to touch something!!! Anything!!! Swoon worthy! 4. The caaa-razy book description that shatters your mind in about a million different pieces!                   “You can’t touch me,” I whisper. I’m lying, is what I … Read More

My Favorite Things … yep, it’s Monday

Two of my most favorite things are to sing insanly off key and dance and laugh.  Okay, that was three! I love throwing my iPod on and just making a first class fool of myself.  I’m sure the mini-mes will have many a mom busting a move therapy sessions. What I love even more than ME doing these things is … Read More

The Secret of the Keepers! ~Interview with Elizabeth Isaacs

For my very first interview EVER…–don’t panic, I’ve done that enough for all of us– I am pleased to welcome the very amazing and talented Elizabeth Isaacs to the Writing Cave Camp Out! Here, Elizabeth. You put on your pink snuggie and I’ll bring everyone up to speed on the  awesomeness that is THE SECRET OF THE KEEPERS! Elizabeth’s new book, … Read More

My Favorite Things … yep it’s Monday!

One of my favorite things is something I can not live with out … and that is my almost 8 year-old son, Jacob. If you follow me on twitter, which I think you TOTALLY should (shameless plug), I’m about to unmask one of the infamous Ruiz mini-mes that grace my feed. Ten years ago, I fought a battle that I … Read More

What up!

Ever have one of these days? me too…