Critique Partners, Fairy Godmothers & Glass Slippers

It’s true.

I have critique partners that are Fairy Godmothers. They whip out their magic wands masquerading around as Word Comments and take my manuscript from “pretty good” to “HOLY FREAKING COW!” This transformation is usually with a tweak here or what if there.
No mice, well, none that I know of.
No pumpkins.
Just amazing pixie dust thoughts sprinkled in the margins of my Word Doc.
When I first started studying the craft of writing, I desperately wanted to find a core group of people to chat with.  People who made me laugh, knew how to write, would push me to tears and then hold the tissue as I blew my nose.
The only problem was I had NO idea where to find these people. I tried boards, read where other authors found their magic CP’s (that’s critique partner, took me a couple jaunts on google to find that out). I may have placed a Craigslist ad, but I swear I won’t admit to it if you ask me in person.

I really was a bit on the desperate side.
So where did I find my girls?


Come here. 
Yes, closer to the monitor.

I really wish there was a magic link to give you, but it took about eight months for me to get to know, laugh, chat, and finally, find my fairy godmothers.
Your book is your baby, right?
All the mom’s in the house, how long did it take you to find your babysitter?
When you left the first night, you worried the whole evening. It’s the same with critique partners. You have to build a trust to expose yourself and then be in a place where you respect their opinions and can apply them to your WIP.
I love my fairy godmothers and I hope one day you are as lucky to find a set as well.
Don’t give up.
Be patient.
And one day, Bibdidi-Bobbidi-Boo you too, will have a group of fairy godmothers!

In the meantime, another great resources that may help you meet possible FGM’s
You can follow them on Twitter as well search #YALITCHAT

given the last two posts, I think it’s time to take the kids to Disneyland

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