I’m Baaaaaack!!!

I know!  You all are sitting there with your jaws on the floor asking, “What the heck is Mindy Ruiz doing here?” 
It’s a real simple answer…..
I miiiiised you!!!!
So here’s yet another New Year’s resolution to add to the mounting stack of sticky note declarations…
I decided that I would do double duty!
MindyRuiz.com is still up and active, but I thought that I would make that a bit more fan based.  Here at MindyRuiz.org, I thought I would keep this blog more dedicated to my fellow writing and reviewing friends.  This blog will be more a place where I can let my hair down, talk craft and trends. We can chat, over coffee, tea or margarita’s about what the heck is going on in the publishing world!  Where is everyone on their quest to print or represent. 
Let me start….

Hi, My name is Mindy Ruiz and I’m a Young Adult author.  I am currently in my 9th month of book pregnancy and about to push out a beautiful bouncing baby “THE END” on my first draft of my urban fantasy titled WILD CARD. 
It’s taken me about a year from concept to completion for this first draft.  They say your first one is your hardest, and I’d like to say this was my first novel ever penned, but it wasn’t.  The first novel was penned in three months, when I was home recovering from experimental chemotherapy, kid less and waited on virtually hand and foot.  Fast forward 10 years, I’m cured of cancer, have 4 boys and am now the waiter instead of the waitee.  Don’t worry, I wouldn’t change a thing! 
So much has changed in the world!  We have indie publishing and traditional publishing sitting side by side on the eReader book shelves.  Twitter has made the ivory towers of the big houses scalable.  The people in the publishing world are just like you and me.  Blogs and websites and Fan sites and Facebook have taken marketing and flipped it on its head. 
Needless to say, I’m excited!

How ’bout you???

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