My Favorite Things… yep it’s a Monday! With Chocolate and Heroes!!!!!

This is the kick off to heroes week! And how better to kick off heroes week than with my very own favorite hero!!!!  too sweet!!! Yep, that’s my husband! And besides literally saving my life, he is the inspiration to our heroes discussion this week: Why Your Fictional Hero Shouldn’t Wear A White Hat! As if Mark’s inspiration isn’t enough, my amazing … Read More

Throwback Thursday takes on Heros

Last week, I did an homage to heroines.This week, I take on the heros. Next weeks posts will be: Why Your Hero Shouldn’t Wear a White Hat.I will most CERTAINLY be referencing this video… and it won’t all be about 80’s hair.

What’s Hot Wednesday!!! INCARNATE by Jodi Meadows That’s What!!!

Next Wednesday- January 31st-  is the release of Jodi Meadows’ debut novel :  INCARNATE. and if that doesn’t get ya all wiggly and giggly inside here’s the quick run down ala Goodreads: NEWSOULAna is new. For thousands of years in Range, a million souls have been reincarnated over and over, keeping their memories and experiences from previous lifetimes. When Ana was … Read More

My Favorite Things … yep, it’s a Monday!

I debated about what should be my favorite thing.  I’ve got so many swirling around in my head. I could go with the personal aspect: weather, hot tamale candies, butterscotch coffee, fresh linens. I could go the mommy route: snuggles in the morning, mini-me- Dylann’s- dimple, I love you mommy’s. But I think today I’m going to go with the … Read More

Who’s Your Heroine???

It’s a really important question! Is your heroine this: A little on the weak side?Begging for someone not to steal her man. Or is your heroine this: Completely sure of herself.Willing to kick your ass if you mess with her man?Someone who will fight for love till the death? Is your heroine Bella Swan or Hermione Granger. Here’s the thing… … Read More

A Pee-My-Pants Big DREAM Post!

It’s not so scary to dream. What would I do if I won the lottery? What would I do if I had a million dollars? What would I do if I had three wishes? But those aren’t dreams. Those are fantasies. Did you know one definition of fantasy even goes so far as to say a fantasy is: An unrealistic … Read More

Don’t You Wish You Had A Momma Like This?!?

It’s another Video Must See!  I’m assuming most of my readers lean toward the creative side.  Such leaning leads to insecurities.  Think back to when you were fifteen.If you were like me, voted Shyest in her 8th grade class, then you’d be MORTIFIED if your mother was so pushy and went to a J.K. Rowling type person’s book reading and said, … Read More

WOW! What a year! Inspiring Moments.

Yahoo is doing this amazing countdown of 2011 moments. I thought I’d share with you and ask: What was the most inspiring thing that happened in 2011 for you?