Wednesday Repeat!

My friends over at Chirenjenzie are having some fun on Wednesdays with

I’m running about a day behind mentally and about two weeks behind physically so, with Beth’s permission, I’m posting my WW on Thursday.
Here are the guidelines:

Show us a scene from your current project. It can be creepy, adventurous, romantic, etc. Just a snippet to let readers see what they’re in for!

The guidelines:

* Must be from a current work-in-progress (WIP). Nothing already published.
* You may choose from any section of the manuscript, but be mindful not to include spoilers.
* Keep it clean and YA audience friendly, please. No erotica.
* Stay under 300 words or about one page. It can be as little as a few lines if you prefer. We just want to give readers a chance to see everyone’s selection.
* Link back to Chirenjenzie so we can enjoy others’ work as well!
* Include the guidelines in your post.
This is a small somethin’-somethin’ snippet from my ENCHANTED HEART series … book 2.
(it’s really, really, really rough so squint a little … maybe a lot.)

I knew Alec wouldn’t find me here.  Country music and honky-tonk bars seemed to be the only place he wasn’t these days… and that was okay by me.
“Want a beer?”  a husky voice asked, sending every nerve in my body into spasms. 
All of my friends may have been underage, but we were royalty.
Alec may have been high enough on the patrol to not have to step foot in a country bar, but Beaux, Beaux was everything Alec wasn’t and tonight … that seemed to be exactly what I needed.
“Do you want a beer?”  Beaux asked again, irritation picked at the edge of his words.  
My nose wrinkled with disgust as I stole a quick glance over my shoulder.  
“Figured.”  The newly scabbed cut over his eye pulled as a chuckle died in his throat. 
I spun on the stool and stretched my arms across a small portion of bar.  For some reason, it felt right and that was why it was all so wrong.
 “They don’t sell umbrella drinks here, so…” his eyes searched mine looking for the balk, “I’ll order you a coke.  Diet?”  His eyebrows pulled up like he had me all figured out.
“What’s that?”  I pointed to the dark amber liquid he held in a shot glass.   A daredevil grin pulled at the corners of his lips.
“You can’t handle this.”
“Try me.”
“Already did.”
The double meaning pushed my wannabe bravado into action and I snagged the glass from his hand and tossed it down my throat. My eyes flew wide open, then pinched together as the alcohol seared a path to my stomach.  
“What else you wanna prove me wrong about tonight?”
The burning sensation in my belly warmed and it had nothing to do with the toxic liquid.   I handed him back the shot glass and a bring-it-on smile.  His eyes held mine, tempting, daring, as he pushed the shot glass back to the bar keep.
“Well pour us another round.” Beaux dipped his white cowboy hat at me.
Challenge accepted.

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