My Favorite Things … Yep, It’s a Monday!

The turkey is masacred. The stuffing … stuffed and the only thing that remains of the mouth-watering, button-busting, amazeball Pecan Pie is the little tiny flakes of pie crust that even a mouse won’t bother with!
Thanksgiving is over and that leads me to the MOST. FAVORITE. Time of the year!!!


I love Christmas and I love the holiday spirit.  I love that New York is like a giant snow globe waiting to shook. The people are friendly and the Rockefellar Tree is getting ready to be lit!


I have my mom to thank for this passion!

So the top 10 reasons why I am such a child at Christmas time:

10. Shrinky Dinks and Easy Bake Ovens!
9.  Footed pajamas.
8. Giant Sized Trees inside the house after your parents have told you to, “Please leave nature outside.”
7. Fudge and Divinity and Egg Nog and Pecan Pies and endless sugar highs!
6. The need for scarfs with your flip-flops in Los Angeles
5. Christmas Carols that, past the first verse, NO ONE can remember the words to.
4. The awe in a child’s eye when they see Santa in a Christmas parade.
3. Perfect Presents.
2. Family and Friends.
and the number 1 reason why I’m such a child at Christmas…
60’s and 70’s CLAYMATION SPECIALS!!!!!

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