Birds, Worms, The Vidalia Chopper and Me.

Burning the midnight oil and grabbing that early worm are really kicking my butt! The purplish smudges under my eyes are my only reward, right now. 

Flat tush, round belly, jiggly arms, laundry piles, dust bunnies.  Just a small list of my “accomplishments,” right now. 

Imaginary friends, crazy worlds, reality and fantasy living harmoniously. Rough edges, smoothing; holes, filling; lines, tightening. It’s all coming together.

Eminem, Natasha Bedingfield, and, yes, sometimes Neil Diamond. 

The Vidalia Chopper, make-ahead meals, Post-It notes, correction tape, and my iPhone.

“Saucing the taco.” Eldest of five,  only girl, crazy head shakes and lots of these !!!!!!!!!

Friends with great news, Friends with amazing sales, Friends who understand this *head ca-thunk*

Friends with grown-up girl’s gone crazy alcohol nights (that just means two drinks), friends with O-type blood, friends who make pictures and paper fun.

Warm looks, 123’s, proud of my wife comments, “Best. Book. Ever … I want to play this part.”

Sleepy babies, the snuggle shuffle at two in the morning, I love you, mommy-ies that are only out shined by the occasional, “I’m proud of you, mommy”. 

My favorite things.
And one day, I hope they’re as proud of me as I am of them.

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